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When your boat needs to look good...

  • Painting

  • Gelcoat

  • Fiberglass Repair

...we can make it happen!

Fiberglass and Gelcoat

South River Boat Cosmetics is all about pride and quality. We take pride in the quality of work that we do. With over 12 years experience, we have learned the best products and the most effective techniques to use to bring your boat back to factory condition.

Grady White 255

It’s jobs like these where the backyard fiberglass guys would throw some filler in it and brush it with bottom paint just to make a quick$$. We are big on quality here. Our repairs at the minimum will put your boat back to factory. No cutting corners! Unless we are building those corners back up (dad joke)

Fractured fiberglass removed. Fiberglass layers built back up and sanded to shape. Gelcoat layer built back up and shaped. Barrier coat and bottom paint applied. For the final touch dabbed with a brush to replicate the original bottom paint. Couple days in the water and it should dull to match the rest

Jupiter 43 Menace

The busted paint, fiberglass and gelcoat was removed. The fiberglass and gelcoat layers were rebuilt. The boat was primed, blocked and painted.


Fiberglass and gelcoat repair.


Fiberglass and gelcoat repair.

06 Pursuit

Before and after on this 06 pursuit. Fiberglass fractures down to the last layer from impact to the bow rail stanchion. Rebuilt the fiberglass and gelcoat layers and finally sprayed and blended. She came out nicely!